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SHILP is an initiative by Community Action Collab, in partnership with the MacArthur Foundation, to build the resilience of the leaders of Community Organisations (COs) who work with vulnerable communities. Through this initiative, we aim to cover community organisations across the country which cater to diverse communities, including female and male sex workers, people living with HIV, farmers, artisans, and members of the tribal community by:

Building hope and capacities among CO leaders and key executives and helping to develop their business plans to manage and tide through tough times effectively

Meeting the immediate critical financial needs of COs to ensure their continuity in their journey towards resilience

Enabling access of COs to a platform to network, learn and leverage opportunities from peers, resource agencies, policymakers, and investors and serve their members better and advocate for change

Baseline exercises – to help each organisation assess where they are today and take stock of their strategic and operational capacities

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Business planning or work planning exercise – to help them create their strategy and operating plan.

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Capacity building modules on leadership and the role of board members

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Peer exchange sessions – to enable cross-learning and cross-pollination of ideas and to build a long-lasting system of peer support

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Creating an opportunity to network and engage with other organisations and leaders of the programme

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Providing access to resources – technical, functional, and financial, to help build sustainable operations and organisations

SHILP Resource Hub

SHILP works with community organisations of vulnerable populations and their leaders, to build individual and institutional resilience for the future.

In order to fulfil the ongoing information and knowledge requirements and needs of the organisations, the Resource Hub is an online repository – ‘ready-to-use’ information and knowledge artefacts, that you will find useful, as you strengthen your organisations and your leadership teams.

The resource hub consists of self help resources such as tools, articles, frameworks, guidelines, etc., that you can access and share with others too.

The resources that you will find here are a collection of created and curated artefacts from within and outside the Catalyst Group of companies.

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