…is a dynamic humanitarian emergency platform that builds the resilience of Vulnerable People and their institutions, in their everyday emergencies, and is ready for future humanitarian crises.

Taking the legacy of #COVIDActionCollab forward, Community Action Collab orchestrates and influences the actions and decisions of its partners, the Government and other alliances, enabling them to solve issues affecting 10 million vulnerable people and ensuring they access critical livelihood, health, social protection and climate impact solutions.

Our Action

CAC deploys a three-pronged approach to build the resilience of vulnerable communities to not just survive but also thrive amidst a crisis:


Functional governance systems that cause dynamic network effects, with nodes to actively address the needs of the vulnerable and enable human capital for emergency response.


Significant policy and practice changes. Amplify components/issues through global collaboration.


Scalable solutions, response time and district level integrated action.


Our Impact

Since March 2020, #COVIDActionCollab, powered by its diverse and determined partners across India, has been working tirelessly to reach the last mile. #COVIDActionCollab is now Community Action Collab and our impact continues on…




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States &
Union Territories

Stories Of Impact

Join Us

We’re looking to partner with organisations and individuals aspiring to empower vulnerable communities to build their resilience against any humanitarian crises.

Partner With Us

Implementing Organisations: NGOs, CBOs and Government bodies working at the grassroots level.


Volunteer With Us

We invite stellar, driven and passionate volunteers who’d like to contribute to
resilience building within vulnerable communities.

WRITE TO US AT [email protected]

Invest In Community Action Collab

Community Action Collab isn’t merely an aggregation of partners but an aggregation of capacities, through which key high-impact initiatives have been developed.


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