Uniting for Resilience:
Transforming Vulnerable

Invest in resilience

About Us

In a future overshadowed by pandemics, climate crises, and ongoing uncertainty, vulnerable communities face the greatest challenges. Community Action Collab, a dynamic platform incubated by the Catalyst Group, unites multidisciplinary stakeholders to deliver essential solutions in livelihood, health, social protection, and climate resilience.

We foster key high-impact solutions with the potential to scale and impact, while also responding to humanitarian emergencies.

Three-Year Goal

Invest with us to achieve these tangible goals in three years:

Enhance the resilience of 10 million vulnerable individuals.

Strengthen 100 organisations
focused on vulnerable populations.

Establish a responsive, emergency-ready platform for vulnerable districts.

Building Resilience, Driving Action

Resilience is a multifaceted concept requiring a comprehensive solution addressing various vulnerability factors. Through our evidence-based solutions we aim to improve health, livelihoods and social protection for the most marginalised. Join us in creating a future where setbacks become springboards for vulnerable communities to ‘bounce forward’.

We are Aligned with UN SDGs

Drive Change with Us

Invest in resilience and be a catalyst for global change.

For more information, please contact Sujatha Narasimhan at [email protected]