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Bridging the Gap for Women’s Empowerment through Social Protection

Sujata Salunke from Pune, Maharashtra, hopes to expand her business. She sought financial assistance from her local Self-Help Group (SHG). However, the interest rate they offered was high, making her dream seem unattainable.

Sujata’s life changed for the better when she joined the General Entrepreneur Training (GET) programme in Pune. The programme was organised by Head Held High (HHH), a partner of Community Action Collab (CAC). At the programme, Sujata learned about the Mudra Loan. This scheme, supported by the government, aimed to empower entrepreneurs by offering them affordable credit options.

Pooja Bhosle, a facilitator specializing in social protection schemes, offered Sujata valuable guidance and assistance. Pooja collaborates closely with the community to facilitate different schemes that eligible individuals could take advantage of. Her process is simple, she begins by reaching out to beneficiaries through phone calls to assess their level of interest in the scheme. If they show interest, she organises visits to their locations to verify their documents. During these visits, she also provides support to the beneficiaries in collecting any missing documents necessary for the scheme.

During Pooja’s visit to Sujata’s home, she was able to address numerous doubts and questions about the application process, provided assistance in completing the necessary formalities, including arranging essential documents, and guided her with submitting the application online.

Through multiple follow-ups and the dedicated efforts of Pooja, Sujata completed her application and submitted the same.

Beyond the story of Sujata Salunke, the importance of facilitators like Pooja Bhosle and organisations like HHH who are working toward transforming vulnerable communities. In communities where awareness of government schemes is often lacking, CAC is working with it’s  partners to bridge the gap between communities and Government schemes ensuring women like Sujata have access to opportunities that will enable them to #BounceForward.