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Stories of Change – How Community Action Collab is reaching the last mile in Ladakh through SHILP

by Anupama K

“Even though we were registered as an organisation in 2017, there wasn’t much work taking place. With the emergence of the pandemic, our work was completely disrupted. It was only after we joined SHILP that things started to improve for us,” shared Padma Tashi, Director of the Live to Love India Foundation, a Ladakh-based organisation.

SHILP is an initiative by Community Action Collab (CAC), in partnership with the MacArthur Foundation and PHICUS. The initiative looks to build the resilience of Community Organisations (COs) that work with vulnerable communities. Under SHILP, the leaders of the organisation undergo capacity-building sessions to develop skill sets that help them lead their organisations efficiently.

“Before joining SHILP, our main objective was to raise funds, but it was only after attending the workshops conducted by the team that we realised the importance of utilising our existing resources efficiently and the role of our board members in managing the operations of our organisation,” says Tsering Angchuk, Program Manager of the Foundation. “Participating in an in-person workshop has enabled us to connect with leaders who work in both similar and different sectors, providing us the opportunity to learn from one another. Additionally, these sessions have been a great source of motivation for us to do more for our community,” he added.

Live to Love India Foundation, Ladakh is a subsidiary of the New York-based Live to Love Foundation. The Foundation focuses on providing aid and support to the communities of Ladakh, a region in the northernmost part of India. They work closely with local organisations and communities to ensure that their initiatives are sustainable and have a lasting impact.
The Foundation’s primary goal is to enhance the quality of life for the people of Ladakh and preserve the region’s distinctive cultural heritage through its initiatives. The Foundation operates in various areas, including healthcare, education, disaster management, and environmental protection. The organisation also focuses on women empowerment and self-defence, where Ladakhi girls learn kung fu and karate. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they supported their community by distributing masks, dry rations, and other essential items.

The organisation also works towards preserving the local culture along with offering health and education programs such as free cataract surgery and awareness initiatives. The foundation has established a Rancho school to further its educational efforts.
“Our mission is to develop and build an environment that preserves our values as well. This includes education, entrepreneurship, humanitarian relief, and heritage preservation projects. By attending SHILP’s workshops, I have learned about various government schemes that are beneficial for our community members. When I go back to Ladakh, I aim to share my learning with the people and encourage them to fully utilise the benefits of these schemes,” Padma Tashi added.