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Bringing health and hope to vulnerable communities in Alwar

by Meghna Prakash

Lack of proper connectivity is an issue the Indian hinterlands still suffer from. Talking about this, Social Protection COVID volunteer Maya Jangir says, “Sometimes we had to travel 2-3 kilometers between villages on foot, which was very tiring.” Maya has been a volunteer with the team at Alwar Network for People living with HIV (ANP+) since November 2021. Her work entailed visiting villages to ensure that everyone had been vaccinated, and to understand why some people were not. She explains that there were some places where people had misconceptions about vaccination. “Most of them were worried that they’ll fall sick and that there will be no one to earn for the family since they work as day wagers,” she says. But Maya and the team at ANP+ were able to inform the community that the side effects were not long-lasting. Maya volunteered in the programme to help her family, which includes her HIV+ husband. She is proud of her work and recalls how one day she traveled back and forth between villages where she’d been informed that people were not getting vaccinated and was able to address their hesitancy.