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Railway teachers lead the way to community development

by Meghna Prakash

While the whole country was put under a severe lockdown during the initial few months of the pandemic, there were some who were toiling hard on the field to ensure that the underserved remained safe. Teachers from the Government Middle School Railway in Koduru, Andhra Pradesh were a key link in the chain that served the community at that time.

Teachers were responsible not only for creating awareness amongst the general public but were also instrumental in mobilising vital resources like oxygen tanks, cylinder facility information, providing ambulance support as well as funds. They had to go out into the field and help with the proper and safe cremation of bodies when the second wave wreaked havoc. While these teachers have gone out on the field and helped the community develop resilience against the deadly virus, some of them have also noticed a marked change in the behaviour and attitude of children.

“We observed quite a few changes in these children since we are privy to their psyche by virtue of being their teachers. Their memory was affected during the pandemic, and so was their concentration in academics compared to pre-pandemic years”, says one of the teachers.

Wanton belligerence, frequent squabbles with parents and increased restlessness are other behavioural changes observed. Teachers have also seen that these pernicious patterns persist even after the waning away of the pandemic.