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#StoriesFromTheField | Reshaping Challenges to Conquests, One Day at a Time

Karupai Ganeshan could only finish her studies till 8th standard and had to give up when she had the chance to get married. Getting married was important for Karupai because she was born with a slight physical disability and was the reason for her rejection by many. Her husband was an agricultural laborer and she also became one when she got married. They have been staying in Theni in Tamil Nadu known for its fertile lands and green cover.

Age caught up with them both and her husband was unable to work after a while due to old age. It became a cause of concern and both of them were left searching for alternate livelihood options. COVID-19 pandemic made things worse for them and they were facing a financial crisis. This is when Karupai sought help and became part of the Aarogya Group formed by Theni Mavatta Pengal Samooga Porulathara Munnetra sangam (TPSPMS), our partners under #COVIDActionCollab and were given a loan of 20,000/- through it. Using this loan amount, Karupai started her small business of selling snacks in 2021 at the age of 55. She puts all her snacks in a cane basket and goes around the village and surrounding villages selling snacks from morning to evening. She is able to make about Rs. 200/- to 300/- daily on an average and that has considerably improved their financial condition. Karupai has also managed to buy 2 goats from the money she has earned in the last one year and is using the income from all these resources to repay her loan. Karupai is dealing with difficulties everyday and making sincere efforts to turn them into opportunities for her and her family.